Fatt Ty – Feel Me

Allow me to introduce Fatt Ty aka The Finesse King. Fatt Ty states, “I can finesse any situation! Been Finessing my whole life. I’m Finessing All The Time. People put Fat in front of my name since I was a kid, but now it has meaning!”

Fatt Ty is straight out of the WestSide born at Sinai Grace and raised in Southfield (Metro Detroit). Born into a bloodline of the toughest of the tough having 2 of his oldest brothers heavy in the streets, although from 2 different hoods. His brother Buck (RIP) taught him the game on 7mile and his well known brother T-Stuckey (Currently Incarcerated)
Paved the way for him on Puritan Ave. Fatt Ty says “it’s like family on Puritan Ave. and the loyalty is real! When u hear that “YaeYae” u know what it is! Wyo to Livernoise baby!

Uncle Fatt (as some call him) wants to make all types of music that has a worldwide reach. Having been in so many different environments, he wants his music to entertain everyone; from the street, to the youth, and overseas.

“Where I come from there is a lot of hate and envy in the air. You can’t do anything but stay on your toes and stay ready when you are gettin some money. Fast cars and choppas is Detroit. Period. I’m just shedding light on a lot of people’s movement in the city.” ~ Fatt Ty