AcidTrip – Reincarnation

Prod. by Origami

AcidTrip is an aspiring artist & activist from Charlotte NC Who makes “Ascension Music” a term he coined for his versatile sound. He’s been recognized by Sway Calloway and worked with mick Jenkins and Pro eras Chuck Strangers. He has been touring the East coast and the south and recently came back from New Orleans San Diego San Francisco Washington DC Brooklyn and Las Vegas. He even rocked a sold out show in between Joey Bada$$ Amerikkkana Tour In North Carolina.His music is described as Euphoric and introspective. AcidTrip has also been featured by Gary Ryan of rolling stone magazine, thisis50 & been reckognized by emerging indie of the U.K. He wants to inspire change and grow with his music. He is dedicated and definitely earned all the numerous blogs including hnhh who have featured his different and creative style of music multiple times. He released 4 projects in 2017. He released his 6th Project And Debut Album with no features and 1 main producer on 4/21/17 He Released digitally On All Platforms And all his Physical copies sold out. AcidTrip is a dedicated artist who stands for redemption, change & progression.

Acidtrip returns with a faster paced bass knocking single called “Reincarnation” which includes a well thought out concept about the awareness and removal of fake friends and toxic relationships. The lyrics are cohesive with this more trap and eccentric production by Origami Beats. The style of rap evolves throughout the song and both verses are packed not only with raw talent but a profound message of substance to say the least. AcidTrip’s delivery is perfect for the overall ambiance of this euphoric track.